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Paul Kälberer: Artist and Promoter of Art


Paul Kälberer, Auto-portrait au chapeau, Dessin à la mine de plomb et à la craie

Paul Kälberer:
Selfportrait with Hat
Drawing, pencil and chalk

The painter and graphic artist Paul Kälberer (1896 – 1974) is counted among the outstanding artist personalities who left their mark on the cultural scene between the Black Forest and the Swabian Alb mountains. In 1926, Paul Kälberer and his wife Gesa settled down in Glatt, a village close to the upper Neckar. In 1927 he erected a studio building near his house on the hillside above the valley of the river Glatt. In 1937/38 an annex with a graphic studio and a room for printing etchings and lithographs was added.

Kälberer's main work can be classified under the style of New Objectivity. His idealistic figurative expression is characterized by New Romanticism. Between World Wars I and II he gained nationwide fame. His etchings earned him international praise at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1937.

During the years after the end of the Second World War he made a big contribution to his profession by founding the "Union of professional artists in Württemberg-Hohenzollern". In 1946 he founded the "Team for professional art" in Bernstein, a former monastery, for the education of future artists. This "Bernstein School" became a focus of modern art in south-west Germany. As a pioneer of post-war cultural reconstruction Paul Kälberer was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit 1st Class in 1966.

In the castle of Glatt, a cultural centre and museum, the art museum of the district of Rottweil keeps up the memory of Paul Kälberer's lifelong achievements. In the "Kälberer Cabinet" of the Gallery Schloss Glatt masterpieces of Paul Kälberer in public and private ownership are exhibited.


Paul Kälberer: "An Attempt at Orientation" (1934)

Wheras a number of painters are still endeavouring the continuation of impressionism, the majority of our generation is occupied with the search for the basic construction of a painting while renouncing individual brush technique and colourful improvisation in order to regain those essential means of expression commanded by the Old Masters. When following this aim there were or still are intermediate phases which, rather vaguely, have been called "New Objectivity" or "New Romanticism". But we can be certain that our further development will neither result in sober realism nor in the romanticism of a bygone age.

1896 born in Stuttgart Paul Kälberer, 1933

Paul Kälberer, 1933

1914-1920 military service and prisoner of war
1920-1926 student at the Academy of Arts in Stuttgart
from 1923/26 individual exhibitions
1924 first Italian journey
1925-1927 postgraduate student with Professor Christian Landenberger
1925-1936 main work in New Objectivity style
1926 married to Gesa Rautenberg, settlement in Glatt
1927 erection of the studio building
from 1928 member of the Union of German Artists
1930 foundation of "Friends of Swabian Graphic Art", a union of artists and collectors Paul Kälberer, A son chevalet, 1967

Paul Kälberer, at his easel, 1967

1932/33 further Italian journeys
1934-1938 refusal of teaching assignments at the Academy in Stuttgart
1937 gold medal at the World Exhibition in Paris
1945 foundation of the Union of Professional Artists in Württemberg-Hohenzollern
1946-1950 foundation and management of the "Team for Professional Art" in Bernstein
1946-1973 later work in realistic style
1966 Federal Cross of Merit 1st Class
1974 died in Glatt


Paul Kälberer: "Etat de Fièvre" - eau-forte (1927)

Paul Kälberer: "Fever Dream" - Etching (1927)


The Paul Kälberer Art Foundation

On December 17th 2008, the "Paul Kälberer Art Foundation", established by the artist's six children and four grandchildren under the participation of the town of Sulz/Neckar, the district of Rottweil and the district bank of Rottweil was awarded its legal validity. The Paul Kälberer Art Foundation is a charitable foundation according to civil law. Its main purpose is to preserve the artistic heritage of Paul Kälberer. In accordance with the artist's conviction the Foundation pursues the aim of encouraging young people to be interested in art.

Besides the artist's studio building and estate the Foundation encompasses his complete graphic works and his written bequest.

Over 700 etchings, over 400 lithographs and well over 3000 drawings as well as numerous text and picture documents are in the safe keeping of the Foundation.

As a memorial studio and garden reflect the living sphere of an important artist of the 20th century, they are preserved in their authentic state. In the graphic studio a choice of etchings and lithographs is on display. In the painting studio paintings of different creative periods are shown in annually rotating exhibitions. The Foundation area is situated close to the village centre of Sulz-Glatt, it can be reached by a short walk from the moated castle. Since parking is restricted, motorists are advised to use the public parking areas in the village.

Excerpt from the Foundation statutes

The purpose of the Foundation is to take care of the artistic heritage of the painter and graphic artist Paul Kälberer and to preserve it for contemporary and future generations. Another purpose is to encourage young people to develop an interest in fine arts and to promote young artists.

The purpose of the Foundation will be especially realized by:

  1. the conservation of the former studio building of the artist Paul Kälberer and the adjoining grounds
  2. permitting public access to the artist's former studio building
  3. the protection, conservation, development and editing of Paul Kälberer's artistic heritage
  4. the protection, conservation, development and editing of Paul Kälberer's heritage of text and picture documents (letters, diaries, photographs etc.)

Art Foundation Paul Kälberer


Kunststiftung Paul Kälberer
Paul-Kälberer-Weg 19
D 72172 Sulz am Neckar-Glatt

Board members

Gerhard Kälberer
Helmut Fleiner
Bernhard Rüth

Board of trustees

Dr. Wolf-Rüdiger Michel, district mayor
Reinhold Kälberer
Gerd Hieber, mayor

Opening hours

April 1st - October 31st
Sundays and holidays 14:00 - 17:00

Guided visits

by arrangement

Entrance fees

adults 1,50 €
children and young persons under 18 free

Mail address

Kunststiftung Paul Kälberer
Paul-Kälberer-Weg 19
D 72172 Sulz am Neckar-Glatt





Bank account number: DE12 6425 0040 0000 7518 16
Kreissparkasse Rottweil



Art Foundation Paul Kälberer

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Bernhard Rüth


Christine Dietz


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